Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The guy pictured is a pretty good friend of mines named mike baker. He calls himself the bike maker (pictured below is one he made while in nyc, awesome). Its an elaborate play on words.

While in new york for cmj weekend I hung with mike and the honor roll on a few occasions. Halloween being one of them. This picture was taken on halloween. Mike was lionel richie for halloween. He also stopped by the corner store and got himself a beer and me a red stripe. We drank as we roamed the streets and just acted rowdy in general.

Mike happened upon a nipple on a wall. Yes, a replica of a nipple stuck to a wooden wall. He then proceeded to make me take his picture while making love to said nipple with his mouth. I didn't take the rest of the pictures but mike proceeded to pleasure that wall for hours.

He then stood up and pissed in a childs halloween bag while singin 'oooone twoooo mikeyyys cooomin foooor yooooou'

mike is a fun guy and I look forward to hanging out with him again. we have a group named the 'spider pussy poppers' also. Be on the lookout for that coming soon

*a lot of this story is made up. But if you knew mike you'd know it could happen...


Anonymous said...

scary part is only some of this story has been made up... leaving it up to us to figure what parts.

nice bike.

vash...thee lvvr said...

So So So kinky. i love it

filthy said...