Monday, November 13, 2006

being home(less) and being online dont mix

why not? well because alot of the time you just dont have access to the net like that. couple that with the fact that i have been in nyc for the past few weeks for music/work and that equals a whole lot less typing time. thats right yall, i have began to live offline again. i barely had time to even do my daily mobile update, blogging and logging on took a backseat to life.

that kinda sucks

cus now i log on to myspace and ppl are like 'wow you just dissappeared'. i feeel like im outta the loop. shit i aint even been to okayplayer in weeks. like not really at all. but i feel like if im online i need to be lookin for something that will help me figure out what is gonna happen next in my life, or doing this kinda blogging journal thing. shit is to the wire, im gonna have to go to cincinnati for a while and we ALL know thats the last thing i wanted.

but i mean tour is officially over, and i dont have anything to do with myself. nothing at all. im pretty much homeless and on unemployment. i gotta get myself together cus although its not as bad as it sounds. it could really really turn into a bad situation. i was thinking i could just go to the bay and live out there for a while, then i got to nyc and i remembered how much i loved nyc after i got there. actually i ended up in dc because i didnt get the job i went after in nyc. so its like why not try again? i still LOVE the bay and still would like to try that out for a while. shit i have a pretty good support system out there but nyc has this nagging allure that i need to fully investigate. ill figure it out when i get to cincinnati. shit im figuring it out now to be honest, as i type.

musically tanya morgan is in talks with themselves to find out whats next. not like if we are gonnna do another lp or not but what are we going to do before during and after that lp. i mean not to give away too much of our business but basically we dont want BRKYLNATI to drop to the same fanfare as moonlighting. i mean the shit wasnt in stores, we the press campaign and the release date didnt match up and we went on a pretty much failed tour. its not all as bad as it seems alot was done right but its just like i dont understand why we dont have options. everything is always 'this or nothing' never 'this or that'.

i mean its a very scarey feeling to have this many balls up in the air and nothing at all figured out from your personal life to your musical dreams. imagine if you woke up tomorrow and somebody told you 'next week you will have no job or anywhere to stay, also your dream will finally APPEAR to be lucrative for 2 months. once those two months are up you are on your own tho, with everything including how lucrative your 'dream' is'. what would you do? well i took the risk and i dont mind taking more risks but they need to be calculated from here on out.

okay im about to start saying too much. this is why i have been staying out of my blog lately cus i got alot of shit on my mind. and ive spent way too much backspacing and second guessing what im about to type next.

again im not in a bad mood, but seriously ppl, NONE OF THIS SHIT IS A GAME. nothing. von peas blog said it best man, i dont wanna retread that ground and i was tryna keep it all on the up and up in here but honestly this is probably the weirdest place ive ever been in in my life. it can go either way from this point, goodor bad winner or loser.

im keeping my head up. imma try and see borat this week and go to red lobstaah (OOOOH!) lmao. i wanna see lets go to prison too. but if you need me ill be on craigslist. holleratchallater

don "keeping my head up and out of the clouds" will


gmFb said...
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gmFb said...

hit enter too early. you gonna be good though.

and, i think nyc is a good look for you. don't ask me what i'm basing that on, but it's a good look.
i know it will be for me.

amp.jones said...