Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another story

the person pictured above is someone i have grown to love dearly for her rip roaring sense of humor nad her awesome sense of style. ladies and gentlemen say hello to vash the LVVR.

vash was originally in the line up to be a member of danity kane but turned it down because she was infuriated over the fact that they never ONCE had to trek to juniors for cheesecake or cambodian breast milk.

i met vash in vegas dangling from one of the neon signs mumbling something about never losing a bet in her life until now. she dropped down and proceeded to give me 12 hi fives in a row. pretty cool for a woman with one half arm. (the arms pictured are prosthetic)

she popped up in san francisco somehow, i believe filthy gomez packed her away in his luggage and unknowingly had us transport her, shame too idda given her a ride. at any rate she came to the venue on a cab. thats right not in but on a cab. i heard she was rode the entire length of the bay bridge posed on this cab in this position. fucking amazing. i asked her how she does it you know, not falling off and all. all she said in reply was 'TRIMSPA BABY!'

we LV you vash

i now close with a word from jorge GOMEYZ

GOMEZ - Do some pot
GOMEZ - Or blow
don - yeah imma have a red stirpe
gomez - Or crack.
don - lol
gomez -Hahaahah
don - i bet fat joe smells like hickory smoked meats
don - constantly
don - like he looks like he smells of hickory
don - like not lunchmeat
don - but like some sort of kindling
don - to make the meat more flavorful
don - yeah
gomez - Hahahaahahahahaahahaahahahaha
gomez - IDIOT
don - he looks like raw salmon
don - son is build like a big peice of sushi
gomez - He smells like fried sausage, mango and island


filthy said...

i hid her in my duffle on the way to the bay. she's so flexible!

vash...thee lvvr said...

I am glad you appreciate my talents. The car ride was a long one. this blog ish is starting to be nice fun!!!!!

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