Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i honestly believe that i am the only able bodied male in my family

maybe its just my availability but they run me into the GROUND when i come home. sometimes i wonder what they do when im not here. do they go on the street and pick up random dudes to do the menial tasks like put shit in the car or whatever.

in other news the fun has begun. i chased my youngest neice around the house with a turkey neck. like they was cleanin the turkey out and i chased em around with it. it was awesome. and then i rode around in my grandmothers wheelchair. but i dont think i was supposed to do that. she was sleep. and the kids liked it. my sister laughed. so i guess i won.

i kinda want a wheelchair (no hanidcappo)

i cut my hair before i showered and shaped up my face. sexy is officially back (YEAH) im goin out tonight and dranksgiving is tomorrow so i may do that too. regardless tho im feelin fine off some cheap ass wine (i aint drunk yet i just like that line shout out to threat)

so yeah my neices are making a list of 'appetizers' for the predinner planning. appetizers being chips and candy (a tradition i started last year cus yo uknow how you cant ever eat nothing until dinner.. fuck that) fun fun fun. my neices are better than your nieces and i cant spell neices.

i updated my resume too. im so on point it hurts.

okay... owt till the turkey is done

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