Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i havent showered in a few days (2) and i have been starting my days at like 5pm on a regular basis.

being home makes me feel like im in high school again. but im not a kid anymore. im all grown up.

im working on the munny's
im working on my resume
im working on a few songs with a few ppl that you guys know
im basically just grinding

im moving to nyc hopefully in early dec. im puttin my plan togetehr if i can just finish up my resume. everytime i get rollin on it tho something happens. a phone call, go help my mom, an im. something happens. its not even that hard to do. its just DOING it and there is so much else id rather be doing.

okay i need to hit publish, close this window and finish my resume.


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& said...

Feeling 17, but in the wrong ways.
More like 15, or younger.

Go wash you body {go 'head... sing it with me} maybe that will snap you out of the funk enough to focus on the resume updating.

Do it. now.