Monday, November 20, 2006

am I trippin?

Is so word of advice dame. Fire your designer. They are stealing ideas from nike. I mean yeah your shoe looks af1ish but it stil is not an af1. The milk and cookies idea, brilliant. Shit I still want a pair just to smell. But this shit?

Seriously dame. I saw you on just for kicks, I know you got a mean sneaker game but these are just not good. I mean would you wear them? Or would you just wear the nikes that they were modeled after. Personally I think the nikes were kinda lame. But I think its lamer to immitate a
limited edition kick.

Horrible man...

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& said...

I'll be @ the local foot Locker... with padlock and chains.

Around 9? How we gonna get in though to lock ourselves to the gate?

oh well.

We can chain ourselves to those hideous black and silver joints you picked up a couple o' entries back... they look like they would be a good anchor... made with metal and ish...