Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy belated halloween

Yeah so I have been too usy living to be blogging yall. What have I been
doin? Well actually nothing, nothing at all. Sitting in filthys basement
listening to music.

I did get out and see nyc for halloween tho. It was crazy. Pictured you
will find von peas as questlove and trackademicks as lady sovereign with
stunnas on. Good times (I had one of che grand as slick rick but I just
deleted it by accident... Sorry che)

This year for halloween I was drunk. I also was tired, homeless, BROKE
and sexy. Well I'm always sexy but ill still count that as a part of my

Our show is in 2 more days, I'm just kinda floating around the city. I
may blog again today because, I have nothing to do.

Off to the shower

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Rosemary said...

Y'all should've come and met up with us on Halloween! It was so fun!! Either way though.... I'll be seein' you guys Friday for the show, and I am so excited!!!