Thursday, November 02, 2006

figured check in with yall right fast. im not in a bad mood, im actually in a fairly decent one. i think im just home(less)sick and missing my minor creature comforts. this traveling vagabond toothbrush in a plastic bag lifestyle is wearing thin on me.*

not to mention two of my very close friends have lost a parent a piece in the last week and i cant even make the service's thanks to being on the road. (my condolences...)

my bills are paid up for this month but im in hustle mode for next month and i THINK my unemployment has officially stopped cus i aint heard nothing about a check being mailed in (but im still filin claims whats that about? i need to call them up... fuck) im being overcharged by tmobile and verizon (yes i have two phones... no idea why sigh) the good news is that i work with my old job on nov 7th and 8th. so ill be gettin paid and accomodated for that. for real yall, if i get another job that requires that much of my time i think ill honestly kick this music shit down to a hobby. like fuck it its cute but it aint payin nan bill and its BARELy payin attention. i know yall readin this shit like NOOOOOOOOO... but dog, i mean just let me go thru my motions. me and music have been in this abusive rellationship for years. she knows how to get me back. shit i dont even have time for my girlfriend. thats a whole nother story.

well i do have some good news, i mean i got a check back for overpaying my home owners insurance and i can funnel that into my cushion account, and i will have a check from the tennant tomorrow. i need to at least accumulate a months mortgage payment into that account just incase you know? im workin on it.

so i gotta be home for the CEA awards and thanksgiving, home being cincinnati, im rambling yall. im not in the best mood right now but im not depresssed.

gotta run... ill update you later

don will need a job soon


amp.jones said...

This disturbs me: "ill honestly kick this music shit down to a hobby."

But Lord knows I fully undertand this: "like fuck it its cute but it aint payin nan bill and its BARELy payin attention

wanna say something schmutlzy like hang in there buddo... but fuck it, you caught me on an off day.

{everything is going to be alright...}

Pea! said...

lets get these jobs mayne!!!!!!