Friday, November 17, 2006

john mayer is probably one of my favorite non hip hop artists in the world.

like i kinda feel like this strange kinship to him based on his music. i mean i know i dont know him and he dont know me but its like his lp room for squares spoke to me on alot of levels. and dude is pretty damn dope

i stumbled across his blog recently and it has pretty much consumed my downtime.

the earlier months are fucking hilarious. dude is fucking fucking hilarious...


ps. if you are going to be trying to get in touch with me for the next 24-36 hours. don't. im turning off my phone(s) and im going on a vacation in baltimore. i may blog about it, i may not. all i know is i need a break. my blogs are starting to sound borderline suicidal/clinical and thats not me.

so expect a bright shiny donwill when i log back on...


& said...

the ONE day that i decide to call you...

Oh well. No more calls for you.

Enjoy your vacation.


coppercoloredgal* said...

suicidal/clinical .....uhhh yes. but i live vicariously through your blog (and a couple of others)

just continue to breath yo.