Friday, October 27, 2006

jet blue is the shit. they have direct tv on the flights and you can watch from take off to landing. like all that keep your headphones off shit is out the window there. most flights you be sittin there like 'damn i would love to listen to my music as we take off but this bitch wants my headphones off.. GRRRRRRR' jetblue is like 'dog we watchin tv... KICKIT!' mad niggery, i love it.

so im back on home turf in maryland. and my first order of business was goin to red lobstah to use my gift card that the real estate agent gave me when i closed on my house (good lookin out mayne.. IM SO THOWWED IN THIS PEICE MAYNE) but yeah i been DYING for some crab legs so i got some and a steak and shrimp thing. man this has been the best meal ive had in a while, well actually ive had some good meals lately so scratch that. but it was DELICIOUS

i dont think its anything else i feel like saying right now. except for good night. and i made it home safe and i hope i can be productive tomorrow and i REALLY want to record something right now desperately but i cant fora while. i kinda miss california for the weather alone. i liked the time difference too, speaking of which im mad wired right now... help! lol so thats whats up.

well this weekend should be cool. ill keep yall posted

ps - biggie smalls produced by jay dilla featuring busta rhymes and baby cham. not no post humous mashup, an actual song that was recorded in 96 by biggie over a 96 era dilla beat. i dont know how recent busta's verse is but this shit is OFFICIAL.. wow


amp.jones said...


uhm... share please. pretty please with sour starburst on top.

gmFb said...

how you gonna do that man?


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