Friday, October 27, 2006

5th and Fashion

so im back in dc/md and im checkin all my usual haunts and hotspots and i spotted the elusive glow in the dark dunks. i dont know if these things are a general release or not but they are only 90 here and i SO want them. like if i get any money to burn im coppin em, aka ill never get them. i ended up snapping a flick of these ugly ass dunks. that tan and black plaidish print is actually like some strange kinda faux fur. they are OFFICIALLY so ugly that i like them, and kinda want em. just a lil bit, i want the glow in the dark joints more tho.. MORE. oh the things i would do to those shoes, (im talking about customizing them chumps, you cant have sex with a shoe, but you can have sex with shoes on.. HALLAH)

so other than that i went to see that movie running with scissors. lemme just go on the line and say that there is NOTHING worth seeing in the theaters. well nothing exciting enough to get me out there and droppin doe, so why did i go? imma tell you so, cus i wanted to see a show! no, i honestly went because i just wanted something to do its friday night and damnit i wanted to watch a movie. so i saw running with scissors and it was pretty good. i cant front tho it confused the shit outta me for a while, i didnt know whether i liked it or not. but by the end i was kinda feelin it. i know i felt like the advertisements didnt actually reflect the movie well, they are selling it as more of a dark comedy, that shit is a drama. for real. i kinda liked it tho.

so now im sittin up, still on west coast time chillin, dont even WANNA leave the house, i mean even tho its friday, the weekend has lost all its luster thanks to me being unemployed and the clubs are just kinda blah cus not only am i broke but i kinda dont feel like goin in general.

in a nutshell thats it. im chillin yall and i prolly wont do shit tomorrow either.



Pea! said...

i need those glow in the dark jawns.

amp.jones said...

1ce again...

4 - 4 1/2 in dunks.