Wednesday, October 25, 2006

1 more day

this is officially the illest bike i have ever seen... like that shit is DOPE. louis vutton bike pads?!!?! sheeeeeit...

i saw it as we were leaving our interview for ill post up a link to the podcast when i get one, if i remember to.

so i leave tomorrow for dc and i cant lie, imma miss the hell outta the bay man. im actually considering coming back out here in december or january. its all tentative, i mean my whole damn life is tentative. i dont have a job to go back to, i dont have an apartment to go back to, my unemployment is running out. i mean im literally in the air and can go either way right now.

yeah the doppleganger got fired tho, so my job may be an option, but its just that i dont think im as attractive to them anymore because i have the potential to need to leave for stretches of time. imma holler at em about contracting work at least but i dont konw if they want me back and honestly i dont know if going back will work. i mean i honestly dont really have anywhere to live in dc/md anymore. i mean i can stay with my girl for a few days, camp out over my cousins nem house but ultimately im just gonna be down there mildewing with bills unless i get some yapers crackin off. i think i may have to go back to cincy for a week or two just so that im not being an imposition. but i cant stay in my new house, cus as of now its rented (THANK GOD) so ill prolly have to stay at moms.

so im over here formulating my hustle, basically i need work that is mobile, and i can do remotely from anywhere via laptop and cellphone. im thinking i can throw my bid in the voice over arena. but i dont know jack about that, im googlin the shit out of it right now tho. seems hustleable enough, i just need a lead. i also forgot that i have a bartenders license so i may try and hustle that again, it worked before right? and there is always the good old substitute teaching gig, but i dont feel like doing that shit again. hell i got a degree in design! forgot about that too, maybe i can hustle up some design money while im at it too, i just gotta get a client. anybody need flyers? an album cover?

at anyrate i dont know what to do yall, seriously, all of my belongings are in dc/md, but i have no solid crash spot there, home is cincinnati but god KNOWS i cant do that for more than a month without losing my mind, the bay seems cool and i can get focused out here but its a huge drastic change kinda and its a lil to spur of the moment for me to feel serious about yet, and i would love to give nyc a shot but i REALLY have no leads... top all of this off with the fact that i have BILLS that MUST be paid on time. period.

its gonna be an interesting month. at least i can look forward to rocking dc, and then rocking nyc, that will serve as a minor distraction right?


i dont know yall... i went into this tour thing thinking that financially i would be cool for roughly 2 months after i got off the road. hell with the show money unemployment was supposed to be icing on the cake and push me into the clear for 3 months. but i made probably a fifth of what i expected on tour. i havent even calculated how much this tour paid to be honest, it barely kept me alive on the road for real. so now its like i have less time to figure out whats next. i dont regret it at all, i just wish i had something figured out for right now. but ive been okay up until now so i guess it will all work out.

i guess...

(my bad for gettin all heavy on yall like that. real talk tho the blog is about to get kinda depressing until i figure out this money thing. pray for meh (c) lil mo)


amp.jones said...

you bringing this back, right?

Pea! said...


somethings gotta GIIIIiive (c) andre 3000 on atliens

hank sharpton said...

Tryin to do voice overs my nigga. If you go to myspace and look up lesean, he's an art director over at sony studios for the boondocks, or was one but he's workin on his own anime joint just tell him i told you to hit him up