Sunday, October 01, 2006

I left my hat in colorado

i lost my hat in colorado. the only hat i brought. well i didnt officially lose it cus i remember exactly what happened to it. at the beginning of our set i sat it on a mic stand so that i could do my 1,2 thang and its still there on that mic stand this morning. im a lil upset cus it would set this shirt i got on today OFF.

at anyrate the show was dope and turned out to be alot of fun. approach did his thang and we did a special cover version of aint no fun (if the homies cant have none) then we got stiffed for some of the loot (as usual) but we didnt leave totally empty handed (PAWN SHOP) and went to breakfast with the loot we did get broke off. breakfast was fun as hell tho, that shit was FUN. denver is fastly becoming our home away from home man, i love it here.

man in all honesty this shit is wack, this pouring your heart and soul out then waiting for an hour and a half outside the venue to not make money. i wish that every compliment was a cash voucher but its not and honestly thats the ONE thing that keeps making it worthwhile. it was alot of ppl there for us last night and i talked to a majority of them. im not shoutin out nobody in particular firstly because they prolly aint readin this but secondly because shit they are all special to me.

in other news my unemployment interview is tomorrow. god i hope i get this man, otherwise this grind is officially becoming the death of me. i still dont regret my decision cus i was fully aware (YOUARE FULLY AWARE) of what could happen. shout out to my girl tho, thanks for the late night pep talks... i cant wait to get back.

be on the lookout for my new group project WATERMELANIN's first song '[pantsoffdanceoff]' sometime soon.

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jedi kyle said...

pantsoffdanceoff is the shit..pregnant women, old dudes, strippers..found it one night up at the bar...DO IT DO IT!! it was so good to see you in the D, i'm heading to cedar point sunday and not jumping in puddles and throwing pumpkins in fountains with you ...won't be the same...