Monday, October 02, 2006

I haven't been to sleep yet

And its 6.30 am in vegas right now, we gota 7 hour drive to san fran
later today. The sun is coming up. And I gotta send a copy of my last
paystub in to unemployment by tomorrow...

Fuck I'm tired


amp.jones said...

ok, I'm not one to leave comments on pages/blogs of folks who don't know me, but I have to sprinkle some *envy* right about now... That shot of the mountain range... or is that the desert. Breathtaking.

And to top it all off, that Macaroni and cheese and watermelon is killing me.

Watermelanin in the '07.

Hey, i'm Amp/N.{icky} by the way... pleasure meeting you.

The Rapper With a Dayjob said...

you should see the other shots we got... i was driving most of the time so i couldnt really SEE them but we drove from colorado to las vegas...

driving thru colorado and utah was possibly the most amazing thing ive seen in years..

actually i think i will do a bonus entry on that alone... i just dont have the photos. :(

(and its nice to meet you too :)