Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Burn like the deserts of mojave, for real...

So yesterday we drove thru the mojave as the sun set. Shit was kinda
weird and a lil scarey. I slept the majority of the way. I fell asleep
like 100 miles outside of bakersfield and woke up in oakland. Nigga I
was tired.

But I can now say I took a road trip from coast to coast, boston to the
bay... We made it. We got a lot of work to do out here in oakland
between shows so ill be busy somehow, ill keep yall posted.

We found out trackademics (the guy in the darrens dance groove clip with
me) lost his studio to a fire yesterday too. My heart goes out to dude,
I'm sure he will bounce back but its just gettin over that initial loss.

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Geezie said...

Who is that talking into the wrong end of the sidekick?