Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So im out in Oakland over at loudminoritymusic's headquarters and im helpin out a lil bit, basically im mcdayjob'in it again. speaking of day jobs i have spoke to my old boss like 3 times since tour and she is the greatest, but i digress

in the middle of 'work' dom shows me

my world has officially been rocked thanks to this episode:

this shit is AWESOME and it should be required viewing for the world. shit is fantastic yo. in other news we have a full schedule for the rest of our stay. between speaking on campuses and performing with nicolay and out own shows and being in the office working we gonna be busy.

ill find shit to blog about tho... i honestly dont have nothing to blog about right now. not music related... but I GOT MY UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK! my car payment will be paid and i can be a surviving starving artist...


okay folks back to yacht rock

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Rich said...

okay that was funny