Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Young shirt in the building...


Before I start this off I wanna give a big shout to my man lupe fiasco on his release. He been doin it in a major way and I'm glad the world finally caught on to something worth payin attention. While you guys are out buying moonlighting for the 3rd and 4th time, be sure to cop that food n liqour, the cover art is crazy.

So we are on our way to carbondale right now. I have no idea what or where that is, but I'm still excited to see it,and directly after that we ridin out to ann arbor michigan. Its a long ride in these next few days. Cincinnati was definitely theraputic and I got some shit handled. Still got more to handle but its all personal finance shit that I don't wanna go into. All I will say is never name your child after you, cus when he gets older your debt/bad credit will show up on there shit.

We didn't make any money in cincinnati, well we sold like 2 shirts and a cd, but that aint help. So we had to pony up on gas to make the trip. Ill let von complain over @ peamobile. Lol, that nigga truely is the voice of the peaple. And von if you read this (even tho you sittin next to me) it aint complainin, its much neded ventin and I appreciate you givin up the real on that there blog.

I need to replace this sidekicker too. Its startin to bubble around the keyboard, not fly. And that danity kane lp is the shit. I'm out son....

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