Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tour is a helluva paycut...

I just pray it pays off cus financially I'm taking the L. Hurting. Its gotta pay off.

Tour is not for the weak at all. We left cincy yesterday and made it to carbondale illinois in like six hours. The turnout was normal, about 35 ppl but this sime something magic happened. We hit some zone where we got in our stride and rocked all those muthafuckas. Literally had everybody dancing. People were rollin up after the show givin up mad love. This may have been the first time I really feel like we have affected people. Like cats had no idea who we were and when we stepped off they wanted more

We then got back in the van directly after the show and began our 11 hour trip to ann arbor. So its 9:20 am and I just woke up with mc sick of puesdo slang on my shoulder. And speaking of sick, my throat is starting to hurt. Maybe its the window that's been cracked all night, maybe its the fact that I had to sleep in an extremely uncomfortable position, but its probably the bar cigarette I smoked. I won't do that again.

Ann arbor should be dope. We are gonna rock at one be low's yearly hiphop festival. I'm excited about it. It seems like every date has had a competed event that has suppressed the turnout. I just want to see a crowd. I mean I knew it wasn't gonna be hundreds of people but damn.

Okay imma try and convince these dudes to stop and eat somewhere. I gotta pee so bad it hurts and I really want to drink this redbull which will make me have to pee even worse.

This is the life?

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tia said...

eat your vegetables! stay away from the spinach though. and drink lots of water. all of y'all. don't get sick!