Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Home... Owner

Well I'm offically a home owner now and it feels good. I mean my granma had to get rid of the place, they sold it to me for dirt cheap, I been tryna get my real estate on and I *think* I got a tennant lined up. Even if I don't finding one aint that hard at all. Shit was a no brainer son. Not to mention I got some memories of this place ya dig? I lived here with grams for a year when she got diagnosed with cancer so this is like my home anyway.

The new phone is DOPE now that I can kinda use it. Just gotta learn to configure my email, and shit then its gonna be so baller, like terydactyl omelets. It is the unofficial mistress to my sidekick. yeah so what i look like batman now, i can do powerpoint on my phone! (ill tell you if i ever use it lol)

Tourwise we rocked cincinnati and the crisis that i hinted at posting about it kinda blown over. i may rehash it later but honestly im in too good of a mood now to think about anything that could debbie down me. i just hollered at unemployment and thats prolly gonna kick in in two weeks (WHEW) wanna hear something funny? i did online registration with them and thought i was straight... but i aint check the url's or something cus i registered with the state of washington, not washington d.c. lol.. america is dumb man. what is washington dc anyway? a state? a city? an island? a diamond? what is it?

i think i may take my neices out to dinner tonight, i love them girls man. i be missin em so much when im gone. i got a song i did with them givin shoutouts at the end and i play that alot. when i miss them.

if you are wondering about the flicks up there its just some random tour shit, son we had a marquee! lol i had to photoblog that shit. shout out to the rest of the groups that rocked it. definition and fam gemz nad of course the new royalty tour. my family was holdin it down. my sister and moms was there and my brother in law. they never seen me rock, well my moms has and she loves it. but it was like basically a performance for my family and a few friends and the other artists lol.. i had fun.

okay i gotta go shower. its 2.30 and i been runnin around all day. all ive done is washed the lil club stamp off my hand. im so dirtaaay lol.

tia.. im sorry im tired of typing but i will say this publicly. congrats on the house (WE HOMEOWNERS NIGGA! MO HOMEOWNER!) happy belated birthday (IMMA MAKE IT TO MARGARITA MADNESS ONEDAY I PROMISE) and thanks for being a friend. love ya nigga. send me a picure of that house so i can do a tia-rama update. lol


Angie said...

Congratulations Homeowner! Glad the tour is working itself out now, too...keep ya head up!

tia said...

i forgot to send it yesterday because i had to get ready for the ebony fashion fair! lol wait until i tell you about *that*. i'm gonna send it when i get home today.

emeeul said...

congratulations man. get yo equity on.