Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't compare me to jokes...

So I'm still in ann arbor right now waiting to pull off en route to grand rapids. Right now we are in starbucks loungin, ilyas is asleep and von is literally walking around with the laptop searchin for a signal. My wireless leeches know that starbucks are tmobile hotspots and you can't get no free love in there (as pictured above)

We killed time today by returnin to my favorite diner in ann arbor and runnin up in a comic book shop. That's where them ill pulp fiction action figure flicks were snapped at. I ended up birthing an addiction by copping 2 graphic novels. Thanks filthy.

The show went well but the loot was suspect as usual, oddest part is that funny money should be unusual, but whatever we still got broke off. Basically its like we out here performin for lunch money and that is in no shape way or form cool, especially when you tryna be more than a
starving artist. Well it off to grand rapids to hopefully make some money. Imma holla @
yall later

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