Friday, September 08, 2006

so i am now officially on tour. well lemme clarify that for you guys, i havent done a show yet, im just in nyc on the pre boston lay over, BUT for all intents and purposes im on tour now, lol

the odd part is the title of this blog still holds true, i mean technically now rapping is my dayjob right? so im a dayjob rapper, cant lie yo... shits a lil overwhelming. i dont think i have grasped the concept that im not going back to maryland for a long time. i just feel like im in nyc for the weekend. but come sunday when im boardng a bus ill probably get the picture. shit still doesnt compute tho. its like i still havent got to sit down and think about anything ive done or am going to do cus im too consumed with waht im doing on a daily basis. quitting, moving, filing for unemployment, trying to buy this house... the list goes on and on and im still consumed and tryna map out the next month directly after tour. i swear i havent got to chill in like 2 weeks. that soon come tho.

but enough griping about the grind.

so far outside of blowin my whole stack at the club last night nyc has been great. i got to our tour manager (filthy's) crib at around 8. it was his bday (HOLLA YONCE) and his whole family was in the house along w/ trackademics and briana from j*davey. so we lounged out and drank coffee and wine til it was time to hit up the spot. the party itself was dope. really nice turn out. the illest part was when out of nowhere the dj threw on a tanya morgan cut, paper thin to be exact. i was like OOOH SHIT!!! like they play this shit in real life? ppl play our shit? woooow. outside of being starstruck by myself. the spot was FULL of singers & rappers. it was dope man.

i dont know whats gonna happen today. i think its fashion week here so we may go do some top model watchin. shits about to get crazy i think. we meet up with ilyas in boston on sunday and then, the games begin. im excited, nervous, anxious, calm, ansty and indifferent all at once.

oh yeah and von met ali shaheed from a tribe called quest and son knew who tanya morgan was.... NIGGAS! that is huge. i heard one of my favorite mc's was a big supporter too.

okay lemme go do some more shit to blog about.



tia said...

you need to come help me paint tomorrow. omg don's a rapper! lol.

Pea! said...

i miss the hell out of tias sister.

The Rapper With a Dayjob said...

son we are both feeling the bitty blues, cus the phone just wont do...

at least we got each other.