Saturday, September 09, 2006

The biggest redstripe ever..

So it was a houseparty goin on and us being us we decided to cop personals. And I stumbled across this miracle of modern creation, the biggest redstripe EVER!!! It was as big as a vhs cassette tape, which adds up to dreamy proportions in my opinion. And the vhs tape is...
Darrens dance grooves! My homegirl passed it off to me as a gift! Now I know what you are thinking, why is don geeked over darrens dance grooves? son... i been wantin this shit for years, YEARS... and now its mine

and this is some weird ass personalized new york pepsi can shit. wild aint it? probably not but i was amazed and astounded.

so today what happens? its countdown to boston and i hear boston will be fun. but in the meantime we goin to a cookout (i think) and while we are on the topic of food, i FUCKED the roof of my mouth up on a slice of pizza yesterday, like literally had skin hangin off the roof lol. couple that with the fact tha we walked around nyc for hours and i was in quite a bit of pain. but back to today, i honestly dont know what we gonna do. thats part of the allure of nyc tho, you dont plan, you act. last night we didnt get in until 7am... i aint gonna give up the goods on what went down cus i want you guys to think its something fantastic and wonderful.

okay imma go get dressed... i may photoblog a few things as i see em... or i may not.

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