Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I got a 100 gun's and they all stitched...

And I'm headed to new yaawwwk, new yaaawk (c) bdp

So yeah how did I spend my first official day of fulltime rapperdom? I balled outta control son!

Sike naw...

Really tho I woke up late, tried to register for unemployment and was told by the automation to call back on weds/thurs (hahahaha). From there I tried to go to the library and check my email/myspace to see what's up w/ these rap checks but I found out that I am registered for pg county libraries, not montgomery. Sux to my asthmar right?

From there I went into the city to kill time and stopped by urban outfitters. That's what tha kick flick is of, some shit I want but don't need. Them adidas is ill! And the airmax? Son... I ended up coppin the ill artillery duffel bag pictured above. The shit is HUGE meaning I can
further consolidate my luggage. The gun duffel will now house my unders(socks,shirts,skivies) my kicks (2 spare pair) and maybe my portable recording rig, all while looking uberstylish! I'm leary about takin my shit on the road like that tho, laptop AND mic? Maaan listen. Ill be hella nuerotic about my shit but I prolly need to bring it. Bleh...

So tomorrow I go to lunch w/ the old job and I'm sure they will pose those interesting ass questions that I dread answering. Shit I don't even know where our tour is stopping. It will be a mess, an expensively delicious mess, but a mess nonetheless. I'm tryna be @ the next functions tho for real, shit is typically type plush.

I also found out I leave for nyc on thurs and then chill til boston. I'm okay with that but the lil lady is a bit misty. What's a nigga to do? I'm stressed bout otherness right now for real and she gotta be my rock. She holdin it together fairly well I might add. At least in front of me.

well party ppl, I'm out like shout. Until we meet again

Ps - I aint got a dedicated internet connection so the line breaks in blog may be off for a while. Bear with me famalams, my entire life is under construction right now.

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Angie said...

Thanks for the quick update....Urban Outfitters WILL break you!