Sunday, September 10, 2006

Next stop... Cape Cod

Last day in nyc and I'm tired as hell. Its 2pm and I still haven't eaten @ all. And the bus leaves @ 3pm and we are still driving to the greyhound station. Ilyas doesn't like my set and wants me to change the song order but I really like my setlist a lot. We will figure something out, maybe put a pause between the song. We each picked our own set out so I kinda have the final say regarding mine. I don't want to seem assholish but I really like my set.

We are all such divas, hahaha.

So last night I bumped into bobbito @ a rooftop bbq. I had not formally met him before but it was so randomly dope seeing bob dance around and eating burgers, and son had on some ill ass adidas I think, I'm pretty sure. I couldn't really tell cus it was dark. But dem bitches was

I'm out for now

PS - Thanks for the cake Mrs. Filthy

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