Friday, September 01, 2006


So I packed up everything and moved it to storage in the middle of
ernesto and decided I wanted to have a drink w/ what lil shit I got
left. I mean I'm throwin it out prolly any way. And I deserve one
anyway, I am soaking wet and still have to make a few trips to the
dmpster... And I gotta move my bed.


So what do you do when you want a drink and have no cups or anything
left? You take an old cup of fruit empty it out and baam... Instant shot
glass. Preflavored even!

McGuyver aint got shit on me son.

Ps... I'm a fulltime mc now
Pps... I wish I wouldn't have packed the toilet paper. Doh!


Pea! said...

welcome to full time artist-dom.

it sucks.

amp.jones said...

I see ketchup.

I'ma keep eating my mustard.