Friday, September 15, 2006

I didn't eat any wings in buffalo

I actually didn't eat at all, which is odd considering how large my apetite is now. but considering we got there like 3 hours before the show started I didn't have time to.

So you know there is a lot of bullshit goin on that I am not discussing here, I have a feeling it the damn will break on my tolerance pretty soon. Actually I can say this, traveling for a door date is not what's up. That's all ill say on it for now, ill say more after this weekend.

What's on tap for this weekend? Well we are nearing the end of a 9 hour bus ride to cincinnati where we get a lil homecookin and r&r. This greyhound ride wasn't that bad @ all considering we boarded the bus @ 4:40am and some dirty ass terrance howard looking homeless dude is in front of me wreaking. He does this weird running start thing before he gets in his seat, sorta like playin doubledutch with the seat.

But our show here is on monday, in the meantime I will close on my house, meet with my homeowners insurance people, visit a few relatives and lay low.

Did I mention that I brought a mannequin onstage @ our buffalo show and even danced with it @ certain points? Well I did. That's what's in the picture. I was a lil too tipsy and I suffer from mild mannequin obsession which was inflamed by the free heineken. I was sipping to soothe my anger and the mannequin made me happy so I took her onstage, she had a great time.

Real talk tho pray for me/us... I promise ill explain this vague request for support soon. Its just that I don't want to preemptively talk my shit.

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