Thursday, September 14, 2006

The tour is officially underway...

And finally my life feels totally different. From waking up and going to bed to having conversations to my daily thoughts, things just feel different. And I'm not mad at it at all.

We are drivin to buffalo right now with psuedo slang. I think we are about to pick up tableek. I know thatwe are all gonna kill buffalo tonight tho. Everybody is cool as hell.

Last night beantown got shut down. That's word to all 25-30 ppl who saw our set on the way out of mcgann's. I saw em boppin out the door as they left. Respect, lol. (Shout out to my man J from myspace tho, and darcie and jaymz... They held it down)

The crazyiest part tho was the cat that opened for us in boston rolled up on me like "dope set, the stage presence and chemistry was insane, I learned a lot from watchin you guys." What?!?! Lol I mean I was like are you really talking to me? No seriously me? I mean our set is tighter
than its ever been but that's just crazy to hear somebody say. Like I study stage shows when I see em and I know that even tho we have come so far, we got soo faaah tuh gooo (r.i.p. Dilla) so to have that kinda response from our first set on our first tour is buhnanas. And much apppreciated.

Boston was fun for the short time we was there tho. We did the normal shit; stopped @ a mall where I learned that black denim can actually be done well & searched for skinny jeans that to make me look homo/euro; went to the shoppin district and tried to cash a rap check @ karmaloop, copped a bandana, and found out that mongolian bbq is a permanent fixture @ the newbury puma shop, they even had free reusable puma chopsticks. We also got the ins on an ill as sale that puma holds.

That's a lot for one day huh? Shit was fun tho.

In life news dc unemployment's telecenter is a cruel joke. I hate them and they hate me. All I want is what's commintomeeee. HALF (of my bimonthly pay) lets just hope this storm cloud looming over our door dates dont rain.down.(on) Swv fans stand up

I think that's it for now, if not that's all yall gettin. Its rainin and imma go zone out to this new john mayer lp and new skyzoo lp.


Young Shirt


tia said...

young jeans. hahaha...please buy them and take a picture. i'm contemplating getting a birthday weave.

gmFb said...

young shirt in the house, it's so necessary.

i'm watchin, fam.

Akili said...

Congrats on your success thus far and I hope to catch one of your shows once I am back in the US.