Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cincinnati in this...

Home never felt so good and family has never been this missed. Aint too much more to say yall. We are seriously maxxin and relaxxin, nothing more nothing less, eatin good and livin like kings should. All's quiet on the midwestern front and you cant front on that.

Last night young whaT, young snatch and myself met up with youngblackjesus at the local watering hole and posted up. We aint do it big or nothing like that, just was on some casual sightseeing type of deal. young snatch aint never been to the nati so we just wanted to show im the locals. he was amused.

If you are wondering whats up with the photo update thats the house I will be closing on this tuesday. I worked out my homeowners insurance situation and everything is everything. Im confident that it will all work out. Its my grandmothers house and she is just happy that im tryna keep it in the family. I stopped by and saw her today and we chopped it up, she is a survivor yo, cancer cant keep a good woman down. Thats word.

The other picture is 2 of my wonderful neices, the third is off at Fisk being a disgruntled freshman (hold ya head britbrat, remember what i told you, shit will be okay). But yeah thats briana and brielle standing infront of a painting i did that my sister thought was nice enough to hang in her family room. It was so good seeing them man, they always pat my pockets down on some 'take me to get some ice cream' shit but its all good. lol... you gotta love it, got to!

right now we doin a phoner for basementalism in colorado and im about to go try and cop that phone i been bloggin about for a long time. I GOT THAT EARLY UP GRADE BITCHES! i just hope it all adds up in terms of the data plan and my expendable cash flow

young shirt

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