Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Although that has nowhere near the same ring its a month away from being fairly acurate and kinda scary. But not as scary as you think. Why? Because I don't want to be mcdayjob, just mc so that's a step in the right direction now we just gotta ensure that the checks I wasn't getting aren't sorely missed (they will be missed)

My current gig likes me and knows I'm on a countdown. They are interviewing for my position as we speak, actually they did it when I was out sick... At anyrate I think this will be brought up in the staff meeting today. My boss takes the entire month of august off so she will be conference callin in. Its gonna be weird because I hate that tell me about your group convo but I can feel it comin @ 2pm today. I will be eligible for unemployment and I also may be able to contract work with them. Hopefully tho we will be right back on the road in november then again in december/january so I won't need to find a job, maybe.

I put in my 30 day notice with my apt on the grounds that I have a job in sanfrancisco. That is not a lie at all, my job just has me traveling, a lot. The apartment has not contacted me back yet so I will give them a call today. I have found somewhere to stash my stuff and reconnected with a cousin to boot. But I'm takin half of my stuff to cincy just because I may have to go back there and need some of it, plus I want my special kicks in a safe place. Not that I don't trust cousin but I mean ma dukes will guard dog my shit, well my dad may try and rock em. I don't know, we'll see.

My car is the only problem for now. I may sell it. I need to add up how much I'm spending on it vs how much use I'm not getting out of it. Oddly enough I'm not worried about housing/rooming at all. I'm more worried about storage space and that's handled for the most part. Student loans, whatever.

I'll begin packing this weekend. I just hope that ambulance ride aint too expensive. And I will have health insurance definitely. That shit is NOOOO joke. Speaking of which I neeed to schedule 2 doctors appointments asap.

If this tour would have came a year ago I could have literally went at the drop of a hat. I had my life fashioned in such a way that everything was noncomittal. Now, I gotta tie up all these loose ends in these loose knots. There's no way in hell I'd miss out on this kinda oportunity nor am I complaining. Just thinking outloud. We still progressing. Our video has been added to mtvU rotation (thanks for the votes), we are on the cover of cin weekly and we are playing scribble jam, the only problem I have is gas money, how crazy is that? A year ago we were stressing over the lp dropping now we are bent outta shape over distribution. Mo solutions, mo problems; nothings perfect.

At anyrate in almost excited, but I'm beyond ready. Life will sort itself out my only obligation is to live it.


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