Monday, July 31, 2006

Worst weekend evAr...

So thurs morning I woke up to the most god awful pain in my back. It was like nothing I've ever imagined in life. I was gonna ignore it and go to work but I could barely get dressed. I ended up calling my girl and askin her to help me. But she couldn't come get me so I called the ambulance to come and get me.

In emergency they put me on some sort of iv that killed the pain and knocked me smooth the fuck out. They ran a cat scan and found kidney stones. I have a prescription of percoset and I'm not going to work today. The pain is not as bad but I'm scared that I haven't passed the stone yet so I'm gonna just drink maad fluids and pee in this strainer they gave me and search for the rock.

I didn't go to work friday thanks to percoset and kidney stones. Speaking of percoset I don't understand why people like this stuff. It makes you extremely drowsy, super thirsty, insanely nauseous and when the 'high' is gone you are left with general demeanor of a tranquilized
bear. The worst.

At anyrate I spent friday rock collecting aka pissing and watching tv. Bored out of my mind but happy to be getting better. I don't think I did anything that night at all.

Saturday rolls around and I'm feelin grrrreat! Real talk a nigga was good (or so I thought). Woke up had some coffee and went over to hook up w/ my boy chad who was in town for alpha weekend. We rolled thru georgetown then had a few drinks and I went home to get ready for that night. I ultimately ended up eating pizza with my girl and having a few more drinks... What a fucking idiot.

So later that night we get home and go to bed. I wake up at like 2 am with a pain comparable to the first onset but a little more tolerable. I refused to take percoset tho, I hate that stuff so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. No such luck. I ended up taking one at like 2 then another at like 5. I was pretty much incapacitated when I woke up. And the back/kidney pain had changed to gastrointestinal cramps. And the nausea, I mean everything had me ready to spew. I slept it off for a while but I had to meet up with my cousin for dinner at around 5 so I
ended up getting dressed.

At this point again I felt fine, or so I thought I did. We left and drove around for a second and instantly my back was throbbing and my head was spinning. Like halfway thru the trip I had to turn the wheel over to my copilot just so I could close my eyes and breathe.

We finally got to my cousins and the extreme nausea kicked in. Remember we are there for dinner right? The smell of the food had me gagging the entire time. I felt like a pregnant woman. I kept goin to the bathroom thinking my gastrointestinal situation was ready to work itself out...
Wrong. I was a mess, a sweaty, cramped up, naseous, sleepy, dizzy mess.

I did eat tho and the meal was delicious but my apetite was not there from jump. The food made me feel better. My cousin probably thinks I'm weird cus I didn't talk or anything, just kinda sat. She bagged up some chicken for me and as soon as I touched the bag I got all nauseous again
but I held it together.

When I finally made it home I got directly in the bed. This was like nine o'clock but I didn't give a shit. I had calls I needed to make, I wanted to update my ipod and needed to do my laundry but none of that mattered. I was sleep by 10. I vowed not to take percoset unless it was dire straights like weds night but my back was okay and I didn't need to.

Which brings me to this morning right now. I feel okay. The nausea has subsided, I'm still a little groggy but its nothing like it has been. I feel like I did on saturday before I had that cup of coffeee and subsequent drinks. I will NOT be drinking coffee today or all week and I have no desire to get drunk at all for a while.

Its gonna be a looong day, I can feel it. I'm ready to go home and I haven't even made it to work yet. Not to mention its supposed to be in the hundreds today. At least I feel slightly normal again.


i-jakey said...

oh man, that sucks, hope you feel better. Punching babies in the face always makes me feel better :D

RedHotMama said...

aw man.
i hope you're okay.
stop drinking coffee.

Angie said...

Oh snap...Sounds horrible...hope you get better soon....