Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why is this water so damn blue?

When the color fades they add more blue to it. I don't get it...

this is what you get when you COMMAND me to update my blog k-dawg. lol. seriously tho in the past week SOO much has been going on that i mean i cant really blog about it i gotta live it. some good, some bad, alot just kinda weird... but nothing interesting enough to blog. well i can discuss some stuff:

the photo shoot went well considering we were on a bridge in the beating sun for about 1.5 hours. if it wasnt that long thats how long it felt lol. von had a good time in ohio i think, i mean i hope so he travelled like 30 hours there and back total so the n!gg@ better have had some fun lol. we aint no where near check cashin status in terms of rap life tho. check cashing status meanin the roots was in town and we shoulda just been able to walk up to the door like 'tanya morgan is in the building' and got in right? LMAO... yeah right. ppl were actually surprised like 'you couldnt get in the show? you couldnt call in a favor?' from who? i mean i did try my one connect but that was a borderline imposition. im not mad about it at all, i actually kinda didnt mind missing the show but that just kinda tripped me out a little bit.

enough (c) slick rick...

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