Thursday, July 20, 2006

So I stopped drinking coffee

And I'm on like day 2 of my campaign. I know its not a long time but its a start. And I hate talkin about stuff, I like being about it but the nature of a blog is to talk so... Yeah

I don't feel any different, at all. Wasn't harder to get up or nothing. I was drinking coffee for the taste tho so I coulda switched to decaf but then I'd still have brown teeth and coffee breath, not what's hot.

In other news tanya morgan has landed the cover of a fairly large cincinnati publication so I gotta dash to ohio for a cover shoot this weekend. The issue will drop the week of scribble jam if I'm not mistaken. The life of a rap star right? Nah... But it is pretty damn cool. So now I gotta tell my boss I need off early on monday and won't be back til tuesday. I'm gettin on my nerves with this shit so I know I'm on hers. But I will also get to visit my grandma which is very important right now too and I can take home some of my shit which is also important.

As usual life is a calculated mess and its gonna be a lot of hustlin goin on in the next few days. Pay attention.


**this post was from yesterday. day 3 of the campaign was unsuccessful. i have a cup o java sittin right here and i just took a sip.... oh sweet nectar of awakeness... how ive missed you so

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