Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thank you Adi Dassler

So while in nyc che took me and von to this pretty dope sneaker spot in harlem. I saw nice kicks for nicer prices but I was not so sure of my finances so I held off.

Well as I meandered around dc yesterday looking for something to do I ended up in georgetown. When in georgetown it is required that I run up in the adidas store, moreso than puma. I had been lusting these velcro strap adidas safety joints but when I tried em on they kinda just looked silly, then I spotted these gems, for 30% off nonetheless. I had to cop em. They are so freaking comfortable.

If you look in the background you will see my closet, its a disgrace. A shameful, shirtless disgrace. I got 2 shirtd yesterday but still, its sad in there...

Welp I need to go do something not as depressing as being away from family and friends on the 4th of july weekend. I don't even have a cookout to hit up.

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