Monday, July 03, 2006

Live @ the BBQ

I LOVE bbq and that's word to my nigga nate geezie's watermelon lust.

So you can imagine how sad I was to find out I didn't have a Q to catch the itis at this holiday weekend. Well in light of this my girls family invited me over for a cookout but here's the catch; I was the cook. Its nothing that hasn't happened before and I honestly brought it on myself talkin about how much I love to grill. I do tho, its so much fun to cook meat with fire to me, maybe its the kid in me dying to play with fire but whatever, I got some leftovers so I'm good.

Later that night my nigga 9th wondra was djin some party so I fell thru, son rocked it. Shit was crazy. I danced the entire time, nonstop.

that's all I got, I'm tired of typing...

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