Friday, June 30, 2006

Home Sweet Home

The last 48 hrs have been crazy...

I ended up going to philly for the rnb foundation awards in place of my boss. it was insane, bill cosby showed up, patti labelle gave a heartfelt call to action regarding whitney's habits, and I just met a lot of ppl idda never imagined in general. Smokey robinson, ashford and simpson, frankie beverly and jill scott (who I firmly believe I offended with an assertion that I was instructed to kiss her, long story lol) and beenie siegel sat next to me during the ceremony, shit was surreal.

lots of dope performances tho, for real.

Then I went to nyc for a tasting. What's a tasting? In the world of event planning when you serve food to ppl you have to pick a menu, a tasting is literally going to taste all the choices and whittle em down. Insanity again lol. We settled on filet mignon and some sorta vegetable, I can't recall, shit was good tho, freal.

So now I'm headed home for my 4th of july weekend and I'm not gonna front, I don't feel like doin shit. Nothing. Eatin some bbq and relaxin. I don't gotta be back @ work til weds and then when I get there I'm droppin the tour bomb on em so, its gonna be a crazy week for me.

Enjoy your weekends and say a little prayer for me.


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Rich said...

son was beanie dressed in a suit?
and was he still rocking a sling from the shooting.

none of these questions are seriosu by the way