Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A great day in cincinnati

November 25th...

I think this was a day or two before I moved to dc/md/va but at anyrate I rolls to devaroes' (evry-evrybody knows where to get they fly clothes, deva-devaroes) and see a big table with shoe boxes on it, nothing priced over 30 dollars...


60 dollars later I walk out with this thrilling threesome. Nevermind that the 180's are a half size too small, they were 20 dollars, GOT (c) mos def. Actually I found a pair in my size later for 35 but I aint been to get em yet, maybe ill go tonight cus I really like em they just a lil too tight. Then again 35$ is halfway to an iller cop, so that's dead. I just wanna get more burn outta them joints cus they look right with jeans. But I got the white and grey joints too. Maybe I should cop the olympics and the blck/red/blues to round out the series. What's a nigga to do?


So yeah the 'melos and the 'maican af1s are steals tho so I'm good right? Right.

Before I bounce should out to my nigga black milk. This sounds of the city vol 1 is my favorite lp in recent memory, and I don't be really likin shit lol. But yeah get @ me nigga, lets get it.


tia said...

your toes are gonna get all gnarled and scrunched up. keep buying them too small shoes.

A.L. said...

a yo! tia may be right about those small shoes. my feet hurt after wearing those damn pusheads! you are the orignal working rapper. you throw special events, have board meetings with 500 fortune companies and then run off and do a show of your own! you are my american idol. lol! oh yea. bed bug story is xtra funny!