Friday, June 09, 2006

As my feet gently weep

So yeah continuing the theme of cops that just don't fit... aint that a bitch (c) andre3000g I would like you all to take a gander at these little beauties.

I don't know what size they are, don't remember but I know they are a little too tight which sucks cus I love them. I only wear them to occasions cus I can't get the normal amt of burn out of them, sorta like women and pumps. They aint my every day shoes

I'll get back to not talkin about shoes when my life gets back to interesting. Music is blah, same shit difft toilet (cept for our wax poetics spread, a huge look; and the joint with median we did... My favorite song of the moment), work is real regular..I have no muse cept for shoes..

Until the next time we meet

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