Monday, June 05, 2006


So it finally happened, I've began my third decade of sun rotations. Aint that somethin?

I spend it in similar fashion to my 29th in vegas. Bliss took me to Atlantic City. I gambled a total of 5 dollars and was mad @ that. In vegas I think lost 120 so I guess I'm older and wiser now. Ha!

It was cool tho, real chill. And for you ppl that aint been yet let me be the first to warn you, that shit is ghe-tto (with them plastic cups) real ghe-tto (with them plastic cups). If I was a halfway crook idda been shook.

So now I'm back home. My first day in @ 30 and I feel like I did my last day of 29. The clock is tickin and I got a lot of shit to accomplish. I'm waitin for that focus to kick in and I think it has a lil bit, we will see by the end of the week.

I just hope next year that the dayjob is an afterthought and its 9to5 mc.

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