Thursday, June 01, 2006

so i guess its officially summer 2006 and the ladies are really settin it out. they gettin ALL 10 toes done, sometimes even foregoing the mani for a straight pedi which is especially good for us metro customers cus we cant really sit and stare ppl in the face for an entire ride, so it makes the floor THAT much more interesting. i mean as a sneakerfreak i am incessantly shoe gazing anyway so this just breaks the monotony of my leather, nylon, canvas and rubberized terrain.

now maybe i havent paid attention to regional details since before i moved to chocolate city but um... ladies here take that foot care REAL serious. i mean ive seen some fantastic feet. any color you can imagine, designs... spectacular. but what ive also noticed is something that ive never really heard anyone comment on in my travels: the pinky toe can make or break your entire foot.

i saw a lady the other day w/ a slammin pedicure yo, designs on the big toe and some mango colored accents on the other joints but YO... she aint have no toe nail on her pinky toe. i mean i had to give her the full once over after i noticed her pinky toe was bald like that. she coulda just painted a dot on the tip of that joint right on the skin or something man. it was like a car crash, i was a little bit repulsed to be honest, why? cus im a shoe gazer which lends itself to a slight foot fetish. thank god my girl got all ten toe(nails) yall. cus i think it would be a problem if she didnt. she actually has really nice feet but thats aside the point.

i have begun actively watching the pinky toe now. a good pinky toe on a nice foot can be like a slamming ending to a good movie. a bad pinky toe, well it can be like stale popcorn and no THX in a non stadium seated theater. prior to this it was all about the toe next to the big toe. they gotta go in a nice descending order. ive heard that ppl w/ long toes next to they big toe are freaks but whatever. i like it when they look like a family of five; pops, moms, & first second and third child. in a nice descending order.

yes im extremely weird and i think i have said to much.

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tia said...

damn you be bloggin'! lol you have mental issues but i'm not gonna lie i laughed at the foot breakdown. and your stache doesn't really look gone in that picture. it only looks like it's missing in the middle. haha.