Tuesday, May 02, 2006

so yeah, i quit that job and the kids were mad, the staff rejoiced in my good fortune and i drove to cincinnati the same day afterwork to attend my release party for the job that dont pay a lick, not even from a groupie, rappin.

the party was a smashing success and there were even special surprise guests. my moms was there and we danced and she smiled at her baby boys fortune. although i got a $110 dollar failure to signal ticket while in columbus the trip was still worth it and gave me more than enough fuel to get through this next stretch of dayjob rapping. we sold all 25 cd's and they even made us a set of exclusive wooden coasters (one apiece so im the only person allowed to have a sweaty drink on my hardwood tables)

and i made it back monday just in time to start my new job. this place is like heaven on crack man. i mean i do have to do work but its really chill and they make you travel. for instance my homie JC just walked up and was like 'yeah im gonna train you to facilitate this workshop cus we get so many requests on it, the next one is in LA and you may have to go cus i'll be out in LA so much next month that i'll prolly not feel like going'


my frequent flyer miles will be untouchable! did i mention i can also use the gym in the building free? im about to get right real fast. and all of my coworkers are cool. the other new guy reminds me of my homeboy mean ass mario, but nicer. im goin graphic design and event planning, im actually using my degree!

wow... it almost makes the dayjob part of rapping cool.

speaking of rapping, big tings agwan. let us itemize it shall we?

(since the last time we spoke*)
- colorado was dope and lupe nem showed love. i got a free 'j dilla changed my life' t shirt too
- KICKSCLUSIVE interview and photoshoot this weekend on saturday in brooklyn... hollllurrr
- tentative tour summer tour in a tentative part of the country with a tentative lineup
- june 12 show in dc with a live band, rehearsals start whenever whoever needs to hit me up does
- and im waiting on the edge of my seat to see the spread that waxpoetics did on us
- 2 new piracy remixes are being crafted and should be done by thursday, dj low key got first dibs tho... maybe they will hit my myspace page

so yeah... time to go back to acclimating myself with my new place of business. i still luh da kids...

*satisfied k-dog? haha

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