Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i blog for k-dog and k-dog only, cus she is the ONLY person that reads my blog.*

so yeah im a week in @ the new gig and its okay, if okay is a synonym for busy. very very busy. and also a synonym for no verizon or tmobile reception. man im taking the L when it comes to gettin my side hustle hustled up in here. aint no tmail son! i mean when jigga hits me up to jump on the just blaze remix of tierra marie's smash hit new single 'get ya kells on' i dont get it till after 5pm. what part of the game is this? apparently the paying one.

but the new j.o. aint all that bad yo. actually i really enjoy it. im doing a lil design and alot of grunt work. im also back on my get physical fitness regimine aka don is a sex symbol. laugh now but when the pecs is lookin like honeybaked hams dont try and jump up on it.

in rapper news the kicksclusive interview was a bust but they tryna get me to come back for a do over. we may have a tour lining up and we gonna be rockin w/ a live band in dc on june 13th. eventful to say the least. my calendar is lookin like that of a real rapper. oh yeah and we gonna be down in atl this friday for a show. im hearin atl and cincy aint friendly right now but i mean whos cares about tanya morgan? im not worried at all.

what i am is saddened and dissappointed by my city and the music listening audience in general. i cant negate the fact that you get the energy you give but nobody deserves to die especially behind something as silly as music and thug posturing. cincinnati: i love yall but yall have fucked up, get it together.

oh yeah and the kids at my old job have found out that i rap. seen the video and erything yo. word on the street is that they are in an uproar about my departure and not that im 'famous' they are even more upset about me leaving. one girl said she liked the video cus i didnt have my shirt on. this is why i didnt let them know i was rapping. cus im sayin man how can i expect them to respect my authoritie (CARTMAN!) when im hoppin around in cyberspace shirtless at a kegparty? exactly, i cant. so its better this way. hopefully they buy the lp.

well i gotta go do some work now. who told me to go get a grown up job that requires time and effort? sheesh...

*(i love you keyonce aka kenis aka kaymerie... lol)


tia said...

i'm so totally offended. i'm un-linking you, negro.

A.L. said...

the kids love donwil! i hope you have a good show. still becarful though. because you know as well as i do. just like cincy somebody might just want to make some noise because of that. A lot more poeple care about TM then you might think. oh yea i need my copy signed by everybody. see ya in 2wks!