Thursday, April 27, 2006

okay so where did i leave off?

ummm lets see. i put my two weeks notice in two weeks ago making my last day tomorrow. son if you ever feel like a job dont appreciate you and is shittin on you for nothin drop a two weeks on em. maaaan listen, i feel like im important finally lol.

but the kids are up in arms about my leaving and the teachers want me to stay and everybody is just in general on some 'we love you' shit. cool, imma miss yall too. this is grade A drama and you cant get it NOWHERE else. but i aint tryna live this

so yeah it feels good right now

ppl are literally sayin shit like 'you are my hero' to me. im a hero? i missed that memo, im just a dude who got sick and tired of being the buffer/soundingboard for feuding coworkers. i mean in education we all in this together we have to be cus its the children at stake and i cant be party to anything counterproductive to that. i honestly didnt see a way to change that from the inside here. its not like super duper corrupt but its definitely not a eutopian society either.

damn man.... i totally lost my train of thought.. fucking kids

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