Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My horoscope was so dead on point today...

i know i usually make one blog per day but yo, my horoscope said something to the effect of 'view your business ventures rationally and logically, not personally'

its funny because typically im the one who doesnt see shit as personal when it comes to the business, but today i kinda got caught up in a comment and it threw my whole day off something awful. point being i take my career as a musician very seriously and once my drive is called into question i am subject to get offended. but on the outside looking in it probably seems as if im splitting hairs over here tryna decide who and what i want to be.

im so sincere yall, i know exactly what i want to be. but i also know that i have to play the game in order to win. i mean my stakes aint nearly as high as other dudes i know but i am definitely playing for higher stakes here and i am moving with a certain caution that is based in slight doubt but also largely in part by just plain old logic. i have yet to ever subscribe to what ppl think i am supposed to be, i am unforgiveably me and i cant conceive conceding to anybody's belief on how i should live.

all this to say yes i have a job and i take keeping my job seriously because quite frankly its either stand up and fight or lay down and die, no in between. creature comforts aside my family cant afford for me to be a burden on them anymore than i am, so if i am not self sustaining then there is a problem, period

outside of the scope of priority, aside from what i deem more important than something else; goals, dreams and what i want for myself are all just as important as what i have to do to reach them.

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