Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everyday is like a video shoot now check this sh!t...

my stop on the metro is the federal triangle station. its an underground stop. as you exit there are 2 escalators in succession. as you near the bottom of the first one you get hit by this STRONG gust of wind sorta like an accidental windtunnel.

so everymorning no matter how tired, mad or depressed i am i walk thru that joint and pretend that im in a video/movie/whatever... liek this morning as soon as that gust hit me my mental ipod shuffled up jodeci 'stay' and i almost did the lil patented jodeci boot kick/step 'oohyeaaah' thing... almost. its dope man... one day imma just rip my shirt off and say 'HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' as i go up the escalator to work.

in other news this weekend in preparing for my man damians wedding i shaved off my stache by accident. now anybody that knows me know i waited 24 years for this mustache and i cherished every single hair in it. so for me to lose it RIGHT before i get up in somebodies wedding pictures was like my dog dying. i was SO self concious about it. i guess thats what i get for calling chad assface for shaving his off. you know the homies aint gonna let you go unclowned. tahir had jokes and they all just piled em on :( son my lip is looooong as hell. its growin back tho. thank god.

i will never shave my stashe off. i had wondered what it looked like, and now i know. it looks HORRIBLE.

holler at yall later man.

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