Tuesday, May 30, 2006

right back like i left something...

yeah so the memorial day weekend was a smash. my homeboy got married so the entire clan gathered on some mafia shit. tuxed up n shit. im at work right now so ill just highlight a few thangs fo ya.

- seeing my neice graduate, no shit i felt a tear ready to drop and i dont een get like that
- the pre bachelor party over d haze's crib followed by almost jumping a n*gg@ at the bar on some high school sh!t lol
- the rehearsal dinner where we were presented engraved flasks full of our favorite liquor of choice. GREY GOOSE (what up che!)
- the actual bachelor party where a darker countess vauhgn lookin chick yoked me up on some guerilla issh and got mad cus i aint want to give her no money. errrrm. NO. lol. she was gross, but it was some stunnas up in there (HAAAYBOOOO!)
- chad doing his best dressed NORE impression in the limo on the way to the church. lmao...
- 2 of the groomsmen exchanging unpleasantries and getting ready to duke it out at the church
- drinking from said engraved flasks in the back of the church after the wedding
- being introduced @ the reception as '1/3rd of the national recording group TANYA MORGAN' by the mayor

man efff that i took pictures and half of yall readin dont even know the ppl im name droppin. lets just say i had a BALL and i even copped ANOTHER pair of shoes to boot! the nike air trainer III's in black/blue/white

all and all it was a really dope weekend and i had a blast. i cant even blog right now to be honest i got a SHITLOAD of work to do...

oh yeah im hearing a huge network unanimously loves our video and wants it shown STAT.... more on that later. or maybe you will just see it one day soon.


PS - i went back to hagerstown on the way home even though it threw my ETA off by about an hour. and the adidas i SHOULDA copped when i copped the neonpurps down there were GONE (c) N'SYNC. and nike aint really have nothing at all cept the LA dunks which i dont want cus well i dont need no more purple shoes, i aint got jack(davey) wear w/the sexyneonpurps so lord knows i dont need no mo

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