Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i look way to goood to be bloggin this...*

So forgive me for being vain but i just think i look really nice today. This outfit (yes i am a man who uses the word 'outfit') is just dope to me. i mean its pretty plain/basic. just a black shirt and some black pants w/ blue pinstripes but im sayin... if i was a woman id try to holler right now (no homo) not to mention its HOT over here in DC. happy hours here i come. well not today (mental note to self: wear this outfit again when you are going out for drinks after work)

so yeah in other news i been working out and typing this hurts lol. my arms feel like i just been gettin punched for a while.

musically, nothing. i mean i got a new beat from jamie cooley (one of the ILLEST female producers doing it right now) maybe ill blog about the beat and my song idea over at or maybe ill just record the song haha who knows. but i did post random footage of my apartment and me recording in my kitchen over on that SAME myspace page in the videos section.

actually i dont have anything interesting to say. the real reason i posted this was to say that Tia is my favorite person to ever click a mouse or clack a keyboard. she is a scholar and a gentlewoman... HERE HERE!

*unlink me now nuckka! hahaha

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emeeul said...

there's some good spots tonight and tomorrow.

i feel you. sometimes, i be killin it, and just decide to take a super-long lunch and hit all the main thoroughfares, except k street cuz the dressing game being gettin kilt down that joint.