Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ayo dart, this is a sickness (c) common

I'm a sneakerhead but I typically can't afford my personal holy grails. Furthermore I aint gonna starve to cop ya dig?

Enter the Adicolor series. I picked these little beauties up for a buck and needless to say I'm in love. They even come with markers yo help you customize your kicks, but honestly the details on these joints are so lovely I'm kinda weary about making drastic changes. Imma color em tho,
in a few. I gotta get another pair man... Got to! And the other pair I want is 150, steep yes but they are worth it based on quality alone, factor in that they weren't really mass produced and man I'm sold.

Actually adidas has gained a lot of my respect over the past few months and I like em more everyday. The oddities started my craze and now the adicolor solidifies it.

And I saw the forums in atl but I balked on copping because well, just because. I think I'm betraying my nike roots w/ all this adidas lust. I mean I still love nike but I can't front, adidas been on the come up lately.

I would talk about my shopping trip more but I'm tired and don't feel like typin on this itty bitty sidekick keyboard no more. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow lol...

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