Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4th 2006 - how many n*ggas gone ride wit us?!?

so how does the dayjobmc celebrate the day of his lp release? wakes up a little bit later and doesnt get to work on time. you see them cars? traffic was HELLA backed up, which gave me a lil extra time to knock that new TM shit i got... muhahaha (no its not on the lp, i mean NEW NEW TM)

on the work front my new job is ordering my business cards and my old job is on stressmode. son they gonna drive me NUTS. i run this school and im scared to see what its gonna be like without me, but i wont be around to see it so who cares? hahaha! they asked me to sub a gym class at 10 today. okay... so thats just more shit i wont get done. cool w/ me if its cool with you.

but f*ck that, wondering where to get that thing im holding in my hand?

You can get it online at:

HipHopSite.com - orders should come with a free copy of DJ LOW KEY's tape MIXING IN ACTION # 1

LoudMinorityMusic.com - orders come with a free copy of DJ LOW KEY's tape MIXING IN ACTION # 1

UndergroundHipHop.com - these guys are dope too.

DustyGrooveAmerica.com - these guys are also dope too.

Or if you want to walk in a building and buy it:

01. Newbury Comics

02. Amoeba Records-LA

03. Amoeba Records-BK

04. Amoeba Records-SF

05. Cue Records-Philly

06. Fifth Element Records - Minneapolis

07. Fat Beats-NYC

08. Fat Beats-LA

We'll add more as we get them. Amoeba had them on sale for $13.98. For the record, if you want it to be carried at a local retailer (which we'd also like), ask your store clerk to order it. Seriously. Thanks in advance for any purchasing, loving, hating, posting, flyering, etc... that may come this week.Seriously.

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tia said...

so you mean this sh*t ain't at best buy? i would've pre-ordered! you guys are on amazon.com too but it says you're currently unavailable.