Friday, March 31, 2006


dont you love it when a plan comes together? i sure do. so now im leavin for nyc on thursday the 6th at like noon, touch down, rallly up the troops and celebrate the birth of our hard work. then come back and hand in my 2 weeks. im sayin man life is grand.

i got my offer letter yesterday. the benefits was ALL there and i will be makin 2k more a year. imma mail it in today. but honestly i feel a little bad about about quitting now. i think its like when you are in an abusive relationship and you wanna leave but then you think about all the good times and get a lil misty. thats where im at. but niggas... please believe im still gonna quit. lol. im a lil nervous but i shouldnt be. just like with asking for my leave, it was not as bad/hard as it seemed. imma miss these kids tho. for real man, i will be comin to their lil events and shit tho cus they have truely won me over. as irritating as they are...

so yesterday i had a minor fender bender. i kinda rear ended somebody. it was real real minor. my bumper was a lil scratched up but that was it. i kinda drove off after it also. so i guess it was almost a hit and run. id call it a tap and cruise. oh yeah and my drivers license is gonna expire in june... aka i will have to become an MD resident and get them higher insurance rates :(

that sucks

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andthentherewasi said...

"hit and cruise" get's interesting each day. Yesterday I had a friend tell me that a stop sign was just a cautionary slow down and keep going...but not a full blown stop! You know there's always someone watching...

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Congrats on the release as well!!!