Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm on spring break, and I mean it!

this weekend was pretty cool. Here are a few flicks: http://www.flickr.com/photos/richlouis

Today I was @ the shoe store and got ran up on by a student from the school I'm working at. He was like 'whatup mr freeman!' real excited like. He had on a bape hoodie and I can't front I was jealous, I even asked where he got it from. He mumbled something and ran off. Oddly enough that made me feel good, cus he is one of them bad ass cus you out kids, but he respects me.

This post is for k-dawg cus she reads my blog a lot. I prolly won't update for a while tho, like til I get back to work. I'd rather enjoy my vacay than document it. Highlights thus far include:

Seein the family again (LMM & LoosieCrew)
Goin to nyc for the release party
Talkin to the lady who gave us a 3.5 in source
Gettin interviewed by waxpoetics
Meeting the publicist and all the media folk
Kickin it with our supporters
Duvel/dugel(?) & PF Flyer aka booze n shoes
That italian restaurant in LES
Megans couch & mario in general
Runnin up in XXL and hollerin @ my folk
Seein ghostface live on mon night
Seein blackalicious live on tues afternoon

I'll be back... I'm about to go finish reading steve jobs & j edgar hovers autobiographies, maybe even record....


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